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Here you can see our complete teachers line-up for this year. Which teachers you will have in class depends on which track you choose to take.

Areski started taking classes with SwingStep in 2014, and dropped everything else he was doing: it felt like he was meant for this dance. He became a full-time teacher with SwingStep in 2016. Bringing experience from his prior life as a sailing instructor, he has a good sense for understanding what is needed when, and how to express it. Training with SwingStep only helped become even more precise in his teaching, giving him the techniques to inspire people to work hard on their dancing.

He also did short studies of ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, hip hop and tap dance. Increasing his knowledge about movement and body awareness helped him understand how he wants to shape his dancing, and therefore also his classes.

As a teacher, he wants to inspire the same way the dance inspires him. Making techniques, concepts, shapes, movement accessible and breaking them down in a way that students can see immediate results.

Barbora “Bára” Hřebačková makes her living through dance. An early dancer herself, she Hip Hopped her way into Tap, Charleston, Authentic Jazz & the Lindy Hop, growing more and more in all these styles of swing dancing in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. Currently she is living and working in Europe’s much alive jazz-city, Ghent, Belgium: performing with dance project, Steam Heat Cats, and teaching at Crazy Legs Dance school. Do find her anywhere around Europe dancing & teaching, and enjoy her all-the-way graceful, light way of moving to the beat!

Cat is currently London based, working with Swing Patrol teaching solo jazz and lindy hop, and travelling worldwide to teach. She is also an acting member of ‘Impropriety’, an improvisational theatre company, and brings this creativity and unique style of performing straight into her dance.

Cat has been lindy hopping since 2005. She established ‘Mersey Swing’ in Liverpool, and remains creative director of this fast growing scene. After being awarded the Eurostar ‘Spirit of Lindy Hop’ award at ESDC 2012, Cat went on a journey to compete in the biggest contests in the USA and Europe.

Known for her infectiously fun style, Cat wears her heart on her sleeve and tries to bring fellow dancers into her world. She strives to bring out individuality, positivity and energy from her students, and believes that laughter really is the best medicine.

Fredrik Dahlberg was born and raised in the upper class neighbourhoods of Eastern Stockholm. Never had he a thought of becoming a dancer. Instead he spent his days with listening to Hip-Hop and playing basketball. As a true rebel of his safe upbringing he moved to the south side and started to show interest in vintage jazz music. One of his friends took him to a lindy hop class and at first he didn’t show much of talent, struggling with what was left and right and up and down.

Soon after he joined the famous swing dance company Harlem Hot Shots. How is this even possible? With a mind set on nothing else (that is not entirely true) and some luck some might say. With a big portion of individual style and new ideas he brings something refreshing to the scene. He tried tap (and is still trying), but on the other hand he masters dances like the lindy hop, the charleston and of course the eccentric authentic jazz which has entitled him several big awards in only a short period of time. With the Harlem Hot Shots he travels the world regularly and together with the Carling Big Band he tours Sweden one month a year.

Fredrik wants his floors slippery and the music swingin’ like Basie. People often say – “I wonder, does this man have any bones in his body?” He has been teaching in several international events such as Frankie 100, Herräng Dance Camp, Camp Jitterbug and traveled to perform around the globe in such places as Singapore, Greece, Lithuania, Australia and Mozambique. He is also an important part of the puzzle Chicago Swing Dance Studio where he has been teaching, djing, cleaning, providing guests with a smile and dancing at every opportunity he gets. Fredrik is true to authentic ideals and as back in the days he comes up with his own moves. Who doesn’t know about the ass breaker and the back breaker? Moves never before executed but now widely familiar for any dancer with a common knowledge of lindy hop. He also claims to have invented the double socks – but we all know this is not true.

Jo Hoffberg is one fancy-pants lady in the Lindy Hop community. She holds first place titles from the American Lindy Hop Championships, Canadian Swing Championships, International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships, National Jitterbug Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships. Since 2007, Jo has traveled the world spreading jazz culture through vintage partner dancing and has taught and performed in 26 countries across 5 continents.

She teaches vernacular jazz, lindy hop, Follower Focused workshops, runs 6 intensive courses in 5 countries, runs an online training school, and does online training with students around the world. Since 2013, she has been on the cover of Swing Magasinet om Swingdans, guest starred at Yehoodi broadcast of ILHC, was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, co-created Swing Break Mexico and the Balkan Lindy Hop Championship, and has competed with 11 Amateurs in the Pro/Am division at ILHC.


Jean-Charles Zambo, nicknamed JOYSS is a choreographer and dancer specializing in swing, hiphop, jazz and contemporary dances.

In the swing scene, he won first place in the Solo Jazz Dance Competition in the Paris Jazz Roots Festival event in 2015 and also first place in the International Lindy Hop Championship in the Solo Charleston division in 2015 in Washington. Through his numerous teaching and training courses all over the world, he has become one of the most accomplished French figures on the international swing scene.

He worked for different luxury brands like Hermes, danced with artists like MIKA, his own dance is in the Fortnite game of EPIC GAME, he coated the French ice dancers Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron multi-world champion for their ice swing choreography. He choreographs and sets the concerts of the electro / pop / swing group Caravane Palace for the next tour 2020.
Currently he is on stage with Catherine Ringer for the 40th anniversary of the Rita Mitsouko, and on the Fashion Freak Show by Jean-Paul Gauthier which is now on world tour, choreographed by Marion Motin (stromaé, Angèle, …)

Kris has been a full-time teacher with SwingStep since 2011, teaching local classes in Heidelberg, Germany as well as international workshops from Israel to Ireland and many places in between. With her background in teaching astrophysics, Kris knows how to break down complex information into logical and easy to execute bits for her students. Kris’ approach to dance is methodical and precise and she has an excellent feeling for what her students need in order to achieve the next level in their dancing.

Solo jazz has been near and dear to Kris’ heart for years, and she loves to share it with students. A big passion of hers is to see more solo jazz on the social dance floor, so in her classes she focuses not only on techniques and repertoire, but really loves to work on improvisation and other ways to spread the love of solo jazz and make it a bigger part of our community.

Laura has always been fascinated by music and dance, and no other dances can compare with the way swing and blues gripped her from her first moments on the dance floor. She was immediately inspired: by the energy of the music, by the freedom, and by the communication between dance partners.

Laura is an empathic presence in dance classes. She cares about her students and gives them a great balance between fun, freedom and technique. Her greatest talent and joy as a teacher is personal feedback: she loves working with students individually during class, honing in on the details that allow them to make lasting improvements.

Sep Vermeersch is a very passionate swing jazz dancer and music expert. He is based in Ghent, Belgium. The combination of his educational background and daily practise makes him a unique person to work with. His energy and passion for the dance, music, art and vintage business made him a welcomed guest in many projects in Belgium and around Europe.

Photo by: EIC BOBRIE

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