Your Evening Program

Cirque du Solo wouldn’t be Cirque du Solo without an outstanding evening program. This is why we put in some extra effort to create four very special events for the occasion.

We wanted to give all evenings a touch of entertainment by adding very special shows and a loooooot of live music (stay tuned, we have a crazy idea for this year!) to the program – because this is what Cirque du Solo is all about, from the head to the toe.

But of course during all evenings there will be also plenty of dancing, both solo and partnered. Just keep in mind that the parties are not having a focus on partner dancing, so don’t expect it to be like your weekly social dance.

We are still in the process of planning this year’s evening program. What we can tell so far is that we plan four nights of live music and bits of entertainment and of course the Sunday Cabaret will happen with many great surprises again!

Preliminary Details:

We are planning to update the evening information as soon as we have some more details fixed, but for now here is what you roughly can expect:

  • Friday – Party with live music and special surprises – 25€
  • Saturday – Party with live music and special surprises – 25€
  • Sunday – The Cabaret Show – 25€
  • Sunday Night – After Party with live music – 10€ (included in The Cabaret)
  • Monday – The Jam Session – 10€

Note: The biggest change for this year is that the evenings are not included in the workshop passes. We made this decision to make it possible for you to choose exactly which parties you want to attend – and only pay for those! Also we want to make you aware that we have slightly more space in the classes than on the parties, so we do expect the Saturday Party to sell out at one point.

Cirque du Solo 2019 – Teachers Presentation to Andreas Hofschneider Sextet

2019 – Evening Program

Note: This Information is not up to date, it is mainly for your inspiration – an idea of what might happen this year ;)

Note: The Evening Program is preliminary and details might still change :)

Friday – The Movie

November 15th, 20:30 – SwingStep Berlin, Prinzenallee 33, close to U8 Pankstr.

Welcome to The Movie! This year we have a very exciting new motto for the Friday Party. The OJ Brothers are going to shoot a movie and you are all a part of it. The exact concept is still in the making, but we already know it is going to be even crazier than the last years ;)

The Movie is included in the workshop
Not taking the workshop? Our regular Party Pass is sold out, but you can get your Late Night Pass (Fri-Sun) now for 20€!
Tickets at the door: 20€ (limited availability, so come early), from midnight: 5€ (if we have capacity)

Cirque du Solo 2018 – Reverent Juke jammin’ it out with the crowd!

Saturday – The Ball

November 16th, Time 20:30 – SwingStep Berlin, Prinzenallee 33, close to U8 Pankstr.

On Saturday our focus is all on dancing and enjoying live music! For the first time in history we have two bands in one night: Andreas Hofschneider and His Sextet are not unfamiliar to Cirque du Solo regulars – and they have never disappointed. To give the party a touch of “The Animule Dance” we have invited for the first time The Jungle to play the night away! This concludes to 3 hrs of live music! Barely any time left for our fine DJs… ;)

  • Join The Ball dressed to impress!
  • Dance to Andreas Hofschneider Sextet, The Jungle and our finest DJs
  • Enjoy the Teachers introduction and take part in plenty of jam circles and the classic Jazz Routines
  • The OJ Brothers are shooting a movie – be part of it!
  • Capture a memory in one of our photo booths
  • Recharge yourself with free midnight munchies

The Ball is included in the workshop.
Not taking the workshop? Our regular Party Pass is sold out, but you can get your Late Night Pass (Fri-Sun) now for 20€!
Tickets at the door: we are sold out for the main event, from midnight: 10€ (if we have capacity)

Cirque du Solo 2018 – Teachers Presentation to Reverent Juke

Sunday – The Show

November 17th, Time 20:30 – SwingStep Berlin, Prinzenallee 33, close to U8 Pankstr.

It’s a classic! This year’s show will take us all the way back into the golden era of Jazz Varieté. Presented by The OJ Brothers you will experience the best that Cirque du Solo has to offer: A wild mix of world class dance and artistry and of course our Show Track performances. Don’t miss out on this evening filling piece of entertainment!

  • Jazz Varieté: Enjoy 15 acts from around the world
  • Your MCs for the night: The OJ Brothers
  • Watch the performances of the Show Track – or perform in it yourself

The Show is included in the workshop.
Not taking the workshop? Sorry, but our Party Pass is already sold out!
Tickets at the door: we are sold out

Cirque du Solo 2017 – Sunday Show – The Grand Finale

Sunday Night – The Speakeasy

November 17th, Time 23:59 – SwingStep Berlin, Prinzenallee 33, close to U8 Pankstr.

The Speakeasy is legendary and surprising: We never know in advance what happens and where the music goes. But after 90 minutes of sitting still and watching amazing artistry, anything goes. And one thing we know for sure: With The Roaring Rag Beastie we have the perfect band to keep us going all night long.

The Speakeasy is included in the workshop.
Not taking the workshop? Our regular Party Pass is sold out, but you can get your Late Night Pass (Fri-Sun) now for 20€!
Tickets at the door: 5€

The Roaring Rag Beaste is going to cater to all desires: Ragtime meets Blues!

Monday – The Wallflower: Theatre Show by Cat Foley

November 18th, 19:00 (Show starts 20:00) – SwingStep Berlin, Prinzenallee 33, close to U8 Pankstr.

We are super excited about this addition to the Cirque du Solo Program – our beloved Cat Foley’s very own solo show!

The Wallflower is on the edge of the dance floor.


In the age of social media, is it getting harder to make real human connection? Why is it so hard to be alone but even harder to reach out? Why will no-one ask me to dance? Will you?

A tale of hope, anxiety, loneliness and awkwardness told from the edge of life’s dance floor.

Running time: Approx 55mins
Genre: Mime, Physical Theatre, Dance

Ticket pre-sale: 5€ for Cirque du Solo Participants
15€ regular (including the Monday Marmalade – Live Swing Jam afterwards)
Click here to buy your ticket and secure your spot
At the door: 15€ for everyone (including CdS participants)

Cat Foley doing physical comedy / dance act during Savoy Cup 2019

Monday – The Jam Session: Monday Marmalade

November 18th, 21:00 – SwingStep Berlin, Prinzenallee 33, close to U8 Pankstr.

For those of you who are staying longer in Berlin we are going to hijack our monthly Monday Marmalade Jam Session – Cirque du Solo style… we have the amazing David Hermlin Quintet as a special opener for this night and the second set is an open jam session, so feel free to drop by with your instrument.

The Jam Session is included in the workshop.
Tickets at the door: 5-10€ (sliding scale)

Marmalade Swing is inviting all musicians on stage for the monthly Live Swing Jam Session


The Musicomaniacs (Friday)

The Musicomaniacs are the new swinging sensation from Berlin. By combining technical virtuosity, familiar melodies, and tight rhythms, this band is perfect for both the energetic swing dancer, the discerning listener and the jazz neophyte. Started in Berlin in 2017, the sextet brings together some of the finest musicians from the city, many who have already earned considerable reputation on the local and international jazz scene. In that retrospect, this combo offers an unprecedented level of excellence in the genre. As Their first concert series, the band is thrilled to revive the music of legendary jazz bassist John Kirby, known for his exciting and meticulous arrangements. Drawing from both classical and jazz composers, Kirby composed an outstanding swing repertoire that still dazzles the crowds today.

The Musicomaniacs are rehearsin’ for a nervous breakdown!

Andreas Hofschneider Sextet (Saturday)

Andreas Hofschneider and his gang are one of the most popular Swing combos in and around Berlin. Why? Because they play sharp like a Suzie Q and are on the spot like a Freeze Turn. The band specializes in the 1930s Benny Goodman’s style. The repertoire contains titles that resemble old sound recordings from the USA of the Swing Era. The sound color of the band is their hallmark: the instruments of the members date back to the 1930s.

If you are around for Workshops you propably have heard them already. They play regulary on the biggest swing dance events in Berlin and around Europe. To name just a few of them: Lindy Shock in Budapest, Berlin Balboa Weekend, Minor Swing in Gothenburg and of course Cirque du Solo.

Andreas Hofschneider is based in Berlin, but internationally a household name since many years

The Jungle (Saturday)

The Jungle Jazz Band is a traditional jazz band formed by six young international musicians based in Berlin. Although each member comes from a different background, they all share the same passion for the oldest jazz in the world which was born in New Orleans at the beginning of last century.

The members of The Jungle have already gained recognition within the European swing dance community and are known for offering some of the best hot jazz in the scene. They often collaborate with well-known musicians from New Orleans such as Meschiya Lake, Russell Welch, or Joseph Faison and have assembled the finest musicians to turn the heat up even higher.

The style of the band resurrects the original rough and powerful sound of early jazz where music was meant to be hot, entertaining and danceable. Inspired by the greatest composers such as Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong’s hot five, Sidney Bechet, the band delivers fresh interpretations and thrilling arrangements, exciting all kinds of audiences from dancers, jazz connoisseurs to party crowds.

The Jungle are the new hot jazz institution – comprised of Berlin’s finest musicians!

The Roaring Rag Beastie (Sunday)

The Roaring Rag Beastie are a quartet around the renowned Italian / Berlin Blues guitarist Stefano Ronchi with a focus on early ragtime and blues music. The instrumentation of guitar, bass, washboard and blues harmonica gives them a unique sound and their repertoire covers everything from freakin’ fast to sloooow and cozy. They are just the perfect band for our Sunday Night Speakeasy :)

The Roaring Rag Beastie with their take on the well known spiritual

Marmalade Swing (Monday)

Marmalade Swing was originally put together as the house band for SwingSteps monthly “Monday Marmalade – Live Swing Jam”. By now they are also making themselves on stages around Berlin, but of course they stay true to their origin and welcome you all on stage to swing with them!

Marmalade Swing is inviting all musicians on stage for the monthly Live Swing Jam Session

The OJ Brothers (Masters of Ceremony)

The OJ Brothers met around 10 years ago on a Swing concert of a Belgian band in Berlin and immediately fell in love with each other. Their first public appearence in the Herräng Cabaret immediately brought them world fame but was only repeated once again before they disappeared as suddenly as they had before emerged. No one has known their abouts up until now… we could find them and strap them down, so they can be the Masters of Ceremony of this year’s Cirque du Solo! We are really curious about what they will have in store for us!

Footage of The OJ Brothers is rare… this is one photo showing them in their natural habitat!

DJ Michael (Ghent, BE)

As a dancer from Ghent(B) Michael had a unique style and energy to dance the night away. In 2017 he sufferd from an accident that bound him to a wheelchair. That didn’t stop him to be active in the Lindy hop scene! Michael still dances with his team The Cherry Dots and on the social dancefloor. If he’s not dancing he’s playing music the way he would like to dance on himself. Michael strives for inclusion in the Lindy hop and wants to inspire other lindy hoppers that are in a wheelchair that IT’S NOT OVER!

DJ Sarah Spoon (London, GB)

Sarah Spoon hails from London originally, and now spends their time travelling in pursuit of that joy that comes from lindy hop. Brought up with eclectic tastes, their passion for music is clear; bringing energy and fun to every dance floor they play for. Spoon started DJing at university, and rhythm and melody has been an obsession ever since- and is someone who will bring the party!

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Friday & Saturday
“EmbroiderMich” by the Berlin-based Israeli dancer Michal Front offers a variety of hand-embroidered jewelry and accessories, or wearable embroidered art.
At her stand you can find necklaces, earrings, rings, cuff links, tie tacks and more, for personal use or as a special and unique gift.
All the items are stitched on recycled materials.

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Hello Pingao / Perky Shoes

Friday & Saturday (also Saturday morning at Tanzraum!)
HelloPingao will be at Cirque du Solo selling our favorite dance sneakers from Perky. The shoes are very comfortable, made out of very light fabric and a nice sole in which we can bounce and slide even better.

For more information check their website:

Slide & Swing Shoes

The most beswinged dance shoes for swing people “ Slide and Swing” will join Cirque du Solo 2018. Come by and try them on yourself. Tell the difference by showing off on the dance floor!

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