10th Anniversary:
Cirque du Solo Memories

Before 2020 became the most unpredictable year, we had great plans for this weekend – like CELEBRATING the 10th ANNIVERSARY of CIRQUE DU SOLO with all of you!
So we will do it, even if it has to be in an alternative format 😉 Over the coming weeks we’ll take a ride through the past ten years of Cirque du Solo history, starting in 2011, where it all began. Stay tuned!
Your Cirque Du Solo Team!

Important announcement:
Cirque du Solo 2020 is cancelled

We are sad to let you know that this year’s event is cancelled.

While a Solo Jazz workshop seemed to be easier to manage at first, we believe it’s still too risky to have people traveling and joining parties… both the financial burden for the smaller number of participants we could allow, as well as the health risks for the event are too large.

We are planning on having Cirque du Solo again – and celebrate our 10th anniversary – on November 19-21, 2021!

Welcome to Cirque du Solo –
Welcome on Stage!

Solo Jazz is one of the fastest and most independent ways for you to grow as a dancer! It improves your ability to move with balance, rhythm, elegance and a rich repertoire of steps.

During this weekend you can enjoy lots of great classes, watch wonderful performances – and even choose to go on stage yourself! There are several ways on how you can design your learning experience at Cirque du Solo:

You’ll get:

  • 9 International Teachers – Areski Stichweh (DE), Bára Hřebačková (BE), Cat Foley (UK), Fredrik Dahlberg (SWE), Jo Hoffberg (US), JoYsS (FR), Kris Blindert (DE), Laura Stahl (DE), Sep Vermeersch (BE)
  • 4 Nights With Amazing Live Bands – Berlin’s finest musicians are getting ready for you! Details to be announced, but a little teaser: We plan something very special for this year!
  • Classic Track: We offer 5 levels of Authentic Jazz classes with great teachers who like to get nerdy with specific moves, concepts and techniques and might also throw in some cool jazz routines.
  • Just starting your Authentic Jazz journey? Check out our Beginner Track with a special focus on basics and a lighter schedule, so you can choose to enjoy the parties without feeling overwhelmed after classes ;)
  • Outstanding Entertainment – The OJ Brothers, creators of Cirque du Solo, are going to prepare some very special moments for climaxing in a unique cabaret show!

Join us for an inspiring Authentic Jazz Weekend in Berlin!

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